White Walls

Well, third day of a new job and I don’t have my ID to get on the network, this is a borrowed laptop until mine gets ordered and if that was not enough… white walls. Yep, white walls… I don’t even have a desk right now so I have been sitting in a conference room with, you guessed it, white walls. It sounds like I will continue to do so at least through this week if not longer. I feel like I should have a white jacket also, you know the kind where they tie it in the back. They’re coming to take me away…. 🙂 

This kind of brings up the whole job thing as a topic, I love technology but the I.T. industry is not the most stable place to be, I can attest with my 3 layoffs in about 6 years. Although it was random and not something I did (poor performance, etc.), especially my last layoff, it still dents a guy in the ego.

The thing I have learned, being a professional “layoffee”, is that God is truly in control through it all. Which does not mean I always handle things well but I have gotten better as I learned to trust more. I joke that I should be a professional “layoffee”, helping others that have been layed off because I am getting so good at it. I do feel it is making me more open to what God wants for me though. I am not as much in the mindset of I need a job, any job, but more of a “Where do you want me God?”.

I feel the position I just started is where God wants me for now, and I would like to have some stability for a while, but not if it means missing out on a blessing for the sake of that stability. A line from a Pillar song says: “Where ever the wind blows, you will find me there, standing exactly where I want to be.” Basically God moves in different directions like the wind and I always want to be standing in the middle of whatever his plan is.


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