American Idol Worship

First, it seems that the top 10 each year continue to be lower quality singers. Don’t even get me going on Sanjaya! There are always some standouts but they seem to be fewer each year.

Second, as someone that has worked in a recording studio I can say that (as blunt as he is) I agree with Simon about 98% of the time. And typically the times I don’t agree are probably because it does sound different watching tv compared to being there in the theater.

Here is where I am amazed, they said that 38 million people voted this week, I am not even sure how many people total watched. People seem to be enamored by fame and singers/bands. Why not, look at the quality of the production, it is easy to get absorbed. This leads to a few questions….

1. Why do we struggle as a community of believers to offer excellence to God in our worship at churches across the country?

For a long time I have heard and thought to myself, worship is not a performance /concert and I still agree with that, to a point. Worship is not about me or the band, it is not about tearing into a guitar solo to make me look like Steve Vai or Eddie VanHalen (Not that I do play that well!). BUT, what is it that gets people absorbed into those types of concerts or shows like American Idol? Personally I think it is the production, the “whole enchilada”, awesome sound, spectacular lighting, video styles that capture your attention and having good musicians to play in a professional way and of course a message that is of God.

All of this can be hard, number one to keep ourselves as the band in constant check that it is not about us. But as far as quality, why should the people of God create a subpar environmet for worship? We need to be creative in our worship environments, this is the MTV and A.D.D. generation and like it or not that is the attention we need to capture if we are going to spread the Word. God never changes but people and society do and what worked to capture the hearts and minds of people for God 20-30 years ago probably will not work today. I heard a pastor say in a podcast something like “How many grandparents would give their life to save a grandchild? Now, how many grandparents would give up thier style of worship to save their grandchildren’s souls?” It’s not that the traditional style is bad, if it is honoring God then it is awesome but it probably will not capture the attention of a large portion of the younger generation.

If 38million people are excited enough to vote for a singer that really does not make much difference in our day to day life why don’t we put enough passion and excellence into our church worship environment. If we do this we can show people that the joy that Jesus gives is even more exciting than they can imagine and we can honor the God of the universe that does make a day to day difference in our lives.


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