Gray Walls

Yep you read correctly, I have moved up in the corporate world from a vagabond living and wandering through the land of conference rooms to a gray cube!

That’s right, I am now another gopher popping his head up in the land of the cube farm. Plus, and this is really exciting, if I look at just the right angle I can see out of a window! I am getting giddy! I was told this will probably be temporary but at least it is a change of scenery for today.

Still no email or access to most of the things I need to do what they hired me for but the little bit of blue sky I can now see has given me a little more hope for the day.

You know God has a sense of humor at times like this. Kind of like when you watch your kids in a situation where they need help but it is funny to watch them try and work through the situation themselves first. That is how I feel, stick the A.D.D guy in an empty white wall room for a week with nothing to do and see what he does.

But no more white, at least today is gray and a little bit of blue.


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