Here I come to save the day!

Remember Mighty Mouse? That was his saying, I was about 7 when it was on tv around 1980. If you don’t remember don’t worry, Nickelodeon is making a CGI version supposedly due out this year.

Anyway back on topic… My day in the land of corporate crazy has been good so far today!

First, I came in and the badge I was given late yesterday actually worked to get to my floor. The first checkpoint is what we call the “people slicer.” If you have never been uptown to a building that has these, it is like a new version of a turnstile but it has two pieces of glass that slide open and closed and you always have a little fear that it will open and then close on you and slice you in two. 🙂 I made it, and in once piece. Next was getting through the door on my floor and what do you know, it worked!

Next I log on to my computer, which by the way, I have email access! But, I go to the webpage with the demo of software that was handed to the team and there is a big error message. Now I’m a man and all, I hit refresh, but still nothing. I thought this is what they hired me for, this is my chance to spring into action and save the day before the next demo is done for the corporate bigwigs! Well I did fix it, and it really was not a big deal since I have experience with this software, but after the past week and a half of life at the bank with nothing to do I felt like a superhero.

I guess I just needed to share the excitement of a good morning and it makes you realize how your perspective changes when you are in different situations. Kind of like when you are in a tough situation, a “valley in your life”, when you trust God through those times the mountain peaks seem even higher when you look back at where you just came from.


One thought on “Here I come to save the day!

  1. leeleigh says:

    Hey Keith! (It’s ashley from church.) Way to take joy in the little things! I finally put my new blog on the website- so you will have something to do at work today. 🙂 Anyway- just wanted to let you know you aren’t the only one reading your blog.

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