Ignite: A night of worship

Well, it is coming… tonight is Ignite a special night of modern worship. I have been praying all week for this and I have been praying for each person that is involved individually. I want God to take this night and blow us away.

I have this fear that only 50 or 60 people will come but I know that if those people worship with all they have then it will still be awesome and God will be pleased. I guess the human side of me wants 500 or 600 people! Now the ROC Gym can only hold about 400 so I know that is not realistic but I would love to see it packed. If nothing else, I hope it gets people talking and gives us momentum for an Ingite 2.

I don’t feel it has been advertised as well as it could though and that bothers me. The Carmel site still does not mention that there is childcare and I think that could stop some people from coming. I did mention it on The Edge website but that has not been advertised much and there is still no obvious link on Carmels site to go to The Edge site. Now being a “web guy,” I admit that I may be more critical than most. I truly believe these days that the people we are trying to reach are very web focused and do make that a first stop for information. I mean we are at a point now where you question a companies validity if they do not have a website, or one that is out of date.

I know that God will take this night and our efforts and will use it in spite of these distractions whether it is lack of advertising or possible technical issues or whatever else comes up. When it comes down to it, it is when we stop and let God take over that the spirit really moves.

So God…. tonight is yours!


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