Ignite: reflections of Friday Night

WOW! Can I just stop there?

No way!

As I heard my friend say about a week ago. God wants us to dream big. I am still blown away by what went on.

  • First, my concern about how many people? As we were setting up we had about 240 chairs set up and had no idea if there were going to be 200 to many or if we would need more! Well, at the end of the night we had about 200 people and that was with what I called bad advertising! Sorry God, small dream and small expectation on my part.
  • Musically it was awesome, we had some great players with great hearts for worship from the minute we started soundcheck it just felt “right”.
  • The little bit of speaking we had was on the mark, a home run, spoken by God through Greg (Pastor for the night).
  • The videos? Wow, they hit home. A pastor friend of mine from another church was there and wants copies now to show his congregation.

The best part of doing things like this are that you know people are there to worship. Not because they feel guilty and “should go to church”, they really want to, they give up a Friday night that they could have done 5o other things but they wanted to worship. It blows me away.

I think back to when I was in a rock band years ago and people would come to see us. People did not come to see us Friday, they came to worship and I am so great with that, and that has been a progression in my Christian maturity. When I get compliments, I say “thank you, I appreciate it” and “I love having the opportunity”. I know that my ability or opportunity could be taken away anytime in a number of ways so I appreciate doing it so much. I am so looking forward to an “Ignite 2”, we are thinking the end of August or in September when everyone is back from Summer vacations. I saw what God did with my small dream and expectations, next time around it will be a big dream and big expectations and I look forward to writing the reflections after that one!


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