Excellence should be expected

Remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Ok, how about the quote: “Be excellent to each other.”

I recently saw a quote from Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple Inc. along with a little commentary:

Steve Jobs said:
“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

There is no shortcut to excellence. You will have to make the commitment to make excellence your priority. Use your talents, abilities, and skills in the best way possible and get ahead of others by giving that little extra. Live by a higher standard and pay attention to the details that really do make the difference. Excellence is not difficult – simply decide right now to give it your best shot – and you will be amazed with what life gives you back.

People sometimes think excellence is expecting too much, but I think those people often mix up excellence with perfection.

There was only one perfect man that walked this earth and none of us will ever hit that mark. There, feel better? I let you off the hook.

Now, excellence should be expected no matter what it is you are doing. If we are created in the image of God should we offer any less of ourselves than everything? Look at who we are modeled after!

I struggle with this personally, I get too tired or too distracted, A.D.D can’t always be an excuse. 🙂 God wants so much for us and if he will not give us more than we can handle then we are just cheating ourselves when we don’t give our all.

That is my prayer for today, to do everything with excellence. I wonder what things would be like if we all did?

“Be excellent to each other”


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