Jersey boy camping.

Rain, rain and more rain. Ok, being new to the whole camping thing I admit I was ignorant about anything and everything camping. BUT, am I that crazy to think that a tent, ok a tent let’s get thoughts together here for a sec. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a tent as:

A portable shelter, as of canvas, stretched over a supporting framework of poles with ropes and pegs.

I am good with that, that is pretty much what I thought which then brings up the question why would an outdoor portable shelter be made of a fabric that allows water in if it is touched?! Newbie or not where is the common sense here?

Ok, let me say overall I was digging it, I had a great time with good friends, and I did relax.

Friday when we got there we got everything set up and then sat. Ahhhhhh. Did a campfire, the kids played by the lake, all you would expect and the weather was fine. Stayed up late, hung out it was a great start.

About 6am no rooster but a crow decided to start screeching, then a raccoon was making it’s noises, is it illegal to throw a rock at a crow? I did not do it, I did not have the energy to get up but I thought about it.

We all got up and started the fire and started the day, then the rain came, slow at first, then harder, then it stopped and we thought we can deal with this and then it really kicked in. So much that we actually drove to town and went to the movies to pass some time.

That night, we realized how much got wet inside the tent, it made for a wet night of sleeping. Don’t get me started on what a tent should be again.

The next morning guess who was back, the crow. This time I was thinking about shooting it instead of just throwing a rock. Well, we all got up again and we were at least happy that the rain stopped. The downside was as we are packing up is when the sun finally came out.

We did relax, we just did not sleep much but we had a great time and the kids did not want to leave which to me means it was an all around success. Now I just need to buy a camper and big truck to pull it and then we can do it ourselves! Ok, maybe we will just buy a tent first, less money.


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