Furthering The Kingdom (and some ranting)

Perry Noble really hit a home run with a post of his I just read discussing how the church spends money but not always where it needs to. It actually compliments thoughts from my post “American Idol worship“.

Another thought I want to add that really gets me going is nine times out of 10 committees are a joke and they are the reason a lot of this crazy stuff goes on. A bunch of people who have day jobs feel like they know what’s best for the church every day but they are out of touch and don’t even realize it.

As an example. I would not ask a 60yr old guy that has been selling cars for the past 30 years how to code a web page or his thoughts on what web based reporting tools a bank should use, but bring him in to help decide how much money to spend on a youth building along with how to design it or to make up a job description for a church staff position or better yet let him do a job performance review of a pastor!!! Come on! What is that all about!

Someone that has no calling to ministry or understanding of what it takes day to day to be a pastor rate how well you are ministering?

Oh wait, and they also seem to decide that since it is ministry, staff should not get paid what is fair either all while Mr. salesmen rakes in big bucks if he is a top seller. Maybe a church can’t pay what a large corporation could but there is still a range for a market rate that should be considered. Pastors have families with needs just like anyone else and it is easy for someone with a cushy job or great pension to say “Well they are pastors, God will take care of them.” Well, you are right, God will take care of them IN SPITE OF YOU, but you still need to get your head and your heart in a better place.

Timothy 5:17-18 says: Give a bonus to leaders who do a good job, especially the ones who work hard at preaching and teaching. Scripture tells us, “Don’t muzzle a working ox,” and, “A worker deserves his pay.” Make sure these people are paid what is right for doing God’s work.

I feel it is time for churches to stand up and make the change to be staff led, if a person is called as a Sr. Pastor then God has a plan and vision for him. He is the one living the ministry everyday and knows the needs of the church. Now I realize there can be the other extreme of a dictatorship style Sr. Pastor but that is where the other staff and possible a few key lay leaders come in to hold him accountable. Wow, I am fired up!

Leave some comments and share your thoughts, am I on the right track, am I way off? Again, these are my thoughts and my thoughts alone and it is for the sake of wanting to further the kingdom and drive change where I feel it is needed due to changing times.


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