How’s your worship? How’s my worship?

Being in a position to help lead worship here are some things on my mind lately:

Motive- Am I leading worship or playing for me? There is nothing wrong with truly enjoying something God has blessed you to do. I think the line is crossed when your attitude is “I want to play any chance I can” it could be at church or the local bar, you don’t care as long as your playing. Now, I am treading lightly here because when you have a passion for something of course you want to do it as much as you can, but, I really think there should be a difference in the attitude of your heart. Don’t show up to a worship service to play just because you want to play, we are not there to entertain we are there to worship God and lead others to a place of worship. Again it does not mean you can’t enjoy that time but watch your motives. I think when the motives are correct God will bless the time and effort more than if the motives of someone are selfish. God will work on the hearts of people no matter what but don’t you want to offer excellence to an excellent God?

Personal worship- Last night I helped lead worship at Southbrook Church for “Signal to Noise” the youth service they have and Pastor Daryl said during his message (my loose reciting) : I always hear people say I need to get my relationship right with God but if you have already accepted Christ the relationship does not change. God is your heavenly father and that never changes. Just like your earthly father, no matter what happens or what you do that person is always your earthly father. How close you are to God is what can change, how much time you spend with Him, in His Word. Ok, what was the point in sharing all that?

As a worship leader, and by the way my definition of that is if you are on stage as part of the band you are a worship leader, even if you only play the cowbell. đŸ™‚ Anyway, as a worship leader we are not perfect just like anyone else but we have the responsibility to be in God’s Word and like a sponge soak up and learn and use that knowledge to bring ourselves to a deeper place of worship. How can we lead if we are behind? It is awesome to see someone have a passion for worship but how can our worship grow deeper if we are not growing in the Word like we are called to do.

Think about this, let me see if I can share this picture I have in my head, you ask me how to get to Qdoba (Gotta love the “Q”!) I say, “follow me I will show you.” but then I just stand next to you, we start walking but I am still next to you, you tell me how can I follow you when you are next to me I am not sure where your next step will be. Isn’t leading by definition being out front? As worship leaders we have the, (I almost wrote “duty”), we have the honor to help bring people closer to God, that means we need to work on our personal worship first so we can have the heart and be in a place to lead when it comes to corporate worship. I just want to be real and transparent on stage and off stage. I never want someone to look at my words or actions and think “He helps lead worship at church?” I will screw up still but I just want to continue being as real as I can and hopefully take more baby steps on this journey of faith.

Ok, let me stop before this thing gets to be 3 pages long! Let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “How’s your worship? How’s my worship?

  1. leeleigh says:

    Nice job keeping up the blog. I liked your camping post- and totally agree with where our heart should be (or not be) when in worship.

    PS- I have added you to my blog roll AND figured out how to make the pictures from only my flickr account.

    see you tonight. peace.

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