Camping again! (Expanded edition)

What a great weekend camping again, I am starting to get the hang of this now! It was a great trip with some great friends and about a three hour canoe trip! I am already looking forward to planning another.

Here are a few thoughts, experiences and things I learned from this trip…

  • Friday was what I considered my first “male bonding” trip with my three year old son before the girls came up later that night. Just Me, Conner (my son), Heath, Greg and his son Cooper. It was a great time.
  • The bear attack that never was. (inside joke for a few guys around the campfire Friday night.)
  • This time around there was only about 20 minutes of rain compared to my last camping experience which was nice.
  • Being in a canoe with my daughter for three hours on Saturday was very cool, Kelly said the same thing about doing it with our other daughter.
  • Leslie is a good friend to watch Conner while we were in a canoe for three hours. Yes we were smart enough to know a three year old would not last that long in a tiny boat.
  • On Sunday morning I went out fishing with Greg and slipped on some rocks and what timing, Ralph our outdoor guru was there to get a picture of my half drenched self on camera.
  • Now I will be the first to admit, I am not much of a fisherman so I forgot you were supposed to get a license to fish. I was later reminded by Greg (who also happened to be the pastor for the trip) who did not think of it either and was “pulled over” in the river and given a ticket. He did use the experience in his sermon during worship later that night though.
  • If you don’t get a $5 day fishing license you may pay a $200 ticket?! I will remember that in the future.
  • I never expected to eat as much or as well as I did with Heath!
  • Greg and I can stand tall (insert short joke about me here) that we filled chef Heath’s shoes cooking breakfast Sunday morning while he drove back to lead worship at The Edge. He drove back later that day, that is commitment! (In case you were wondering, I did not go because I did not want to leave my girls in a tent by themselves)

Again overall it was a great time.


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