The Old Testament is cool

I think I have mentioned in a previous post that I started doing a Bible in a year program. Well, aside from the stories you learn as a kid in the Old Testament I always thought the New Testament was more interesting, and the first half of The Book was not as relevant anymore since Jesus came on the scene. Well, I’m an idiot, let’s just get that out there right now and say it.

I am in Exodus right now and as much as I have heard this before reading through it on my own and taking the time with God to learn from it brings a whole new perspective. Actually, I don’t think it is a new perspective as much as it is a better understanding which makes it more real for me to apply it to my life. I have heard Greg say we don’t need to go deeper we need to start applying what we know. Because of that I will share some thoughts but suggest you re-read it yourself.

I just got done with the whole “Let my people go” part and sat in amazement reading how after every miracle the Israelites said to Moses you should have left us to die with the Egyptians. What idiots! What are they thinking, did they not see what just happened, did they forget already?!

Now back to my earlier declaration from above, “Well, I’m an idiot” How often do I (or anyone) go through a trial in our lives and see God move in an awesome way, next trial comes along and boom we think “How are we going to get through this?” I am embarrassed, ashamed and need to get out of that vicious circle. God is patient, he would need to be to put up with the Israelites… and me. This is really causing me to look at my reactions to life changes and deepen my faith. This is a personal example but I assume shared by many, so again I suggest you take some time and read the Bible, even the old testament which is turning out to be fairly relevant still, 🙂 and see what God want you to “chew” on.


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