Is it blasphemy to call God “anal-retentive”?

Continuing in my reading of Exodus, it is amazing the attention to detail that God has for things. Whether it is plans to build a boat, how to build the Ark of the Covenant or even the clothes that Aaron should wear as a priest of the people. As big as God is he is still concerned with all of the little detail. It is one thing to read that he knows “the number of hairs on our head” or “He names the stars in the sky” but to read about the attention to detail that he expected for things in Exodus is amazing.

Two thoughts that came to me about this:
When we read that he has a plan for our lives it is not a general direction, not just a compass saying you need to go East now but His plan is down to the smallest detail, how cool is that?! It’s like comparing the compass mentioned above to getting directions from Google maps or something where you have turn by turn directions with maps and traffic info.

Second, yes, we are to have faith in a powerful God, and he does have our lives planned out but we should not just sit back in life and wait for everything to come to us. There are things we need to do in life that require planning, and I think an example has been set that we also need to be concerned about the details of things and not just float through life. If you are going to make a plan don’t just go half way, if it is important to God it should probably be important to us.


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