Today’s “Bible in a year” verses

Well, today Was Matthew 5-6 and there is a lot of meat there. Those two chapters are so loaded with meaning and direction.

This is another part of the bible that I think we have heard so often it is easy to gloss over and not “digest” the info. Did you ever eat so fast that you are still hungry even though you just finished off a quarter pound burger meal? Many time when trying to lose weight you are told to slow down when eating because it gives your brain time to tell your body you are full and I think the same can apply here.

I know I am supposed to read certain verses and or chapters every day for this Bible in a year program but I really feel like taking two or more days to go over this part and really take in and appreciate everything said here, I don’t want to gloss over this but I want to soak it up.

Another analogy that I actually use with my daughter when she is studying for a test is to think of your brain like a sponge. If you dump water on a sponge it will not soak up all of the water, much of it will splash or run off, but, if you pour slowly it gives the sponge a chance to absorb all of the water until it is saturated. I would tell her this to compare studying a little each night to cramming the night before.

Here is a quick rundown of all that is in these chapters:

  • The Beatitudes
  • Salt and Light
  • The Law
  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Divorce
  • Vows
  • Retaliation
  • Enemies
  • Giving to the needy
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Money
  • and Worry

I think you can see my point, there is a lot of information covered here. Sometimes by doing something for the sake of a program, like Bible in a year, as good as it is, you can miss out on some great stuff that can take you deeper in knowledge and hopefully help you to put those lessons into action. So I am going to be a rebel and break my program a bit to meditate on all of this for more than a day. I will need to catch up at some point but I think it will be worth it.


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