I am sick of it!

Anybody else sick of PH, LL and BS? I am not going to type their names because I don’t want this to be another place to hear news about them. I can’t turn on the T.V. with out seeing one of them and it makes me sick! With all that goes on in the world this is how shallow of a country we have become, that we need to see “Alert” flashing on the screen to tell us about the latest in one of these celeb’s lives.

This is the kind of stuff that our kids see everyday and if our kids are young enough they just think it is cool to be famous and don’t realize what a mess these people are.

Did I say it makes me sick?!

I know we need to pray for these people but it amazes me that the county as a whole cares so much, they must, the news networks would not waste their time if it was not good ratings for them. That is what is sad, the news is like a zoo now, they don’t care they just want the ratings so they take us on a daily tour of the lives of these celebs. You know what? I know someone more famous and I pray one day more people would seek to know Him and His every word and His every move.


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