Ruth Graham and my wife

First my prayers go out to Billy Graham and his family, as awesome as it is that Ruth is Home with God I know there is still a sadness felt when losing a loved one. I don’t know what the home life was like but it seems that Ruth was a Godly woman supporting the family while her husband traveled the world saving souls.

I look at her role though and look at my wife and thank God for her. Prior to kids, Kelly was my biggest supporter when it came to me playing guitar especially when it came to leading worship.

Well, after three kids and twelve years of marriage later, every Sunday morning she is getting herself ready plus our three kids while I have already been at church for about 40 minutes. I thank God for my gift of music, the opportunity and for Kelly who (even when worn out at times) gives me the support I need to go do it.

Just to give you an idea I am “gone” Tuesday nights for about 2 hours, Sunday morning for about 4 hours, sometimes Sunday nights at Southbrook for three hours and other miscellaneous times for other events/opportunities.

If I was single I would probably play even more, but I am not, and my wife and kids really need to take priority even over playing guitar to help lead worship, as Godly as that can sound. So there are times that I turn down playing, such as at a conference recently held at Carmel which would have meant playing for three nights during the week. There is always part of me that wants to play whenever asked but I have been trying to say no at times. Maybe next year I would play at that conference but I will see how life is at that point and decide then.

I will be the first to admit I am not the best at putting my wife ahead of “self” but I am learning and trying to grow in that area. Balance can be a hard thing sometimes but I am a work in progress.

Kelly, I am no Billy Graham, but thanks for your support all of these years, you have not only supported me, but challenged me and helped me to grow. You have been a great wife and mom, and like any marriage there have been ups and downs but we are still pressing on twelve years later trying to be the best husband and wife (and mom and dad) God wants us to be, I love you.


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