What’s up?

Just a few things on my mind right now:

1. Well, I have been shopping for one of those pda/smart phones to help keep myself organized better. I already have an old Dell pda but it is like a small brick and I have a cellphone. Since the pda is kind of big I have gotten out of the habit of carrying it around, not good. So I decided what better option than to get one unit with the power of both.

I have been looking at the Motorola Q due to it’s lower cost compared to most. The down side is that it does not use a stylus for tapping on the screen, it is more like a blackberry where you use the little “thumb tweaking” keyboard and click wheel on the side. After some thought though, I figured right now I don’t even carry my old pda around anymore. So, I can probably fore go the stylus. It is not a fully functional pda for example I would not be able to edit Office documents, but on a screen that size, I will live.

I have seen mixed reviews but many of them seem to be when the unit first started shipping a year ago and people did not realize it was not a full blown pda. the only relevant issue I have seen it the battery life is not that good and they recommend the larger battery. I figure if I go the route of the Q I will try it out for a week or two before I decide to drop money on the better battery. I have a friend with a Palm Treo that he charges everyday also so I think bad battery life is due more to the extra function over a normal phone than the Motorola Q itself.

Well, I will keep you up on my progress in that realm, the other thing is a camper.

2. You have probably seen my other posts about camping, well we are hooked! We are talking about getting a pop up camper since they are less expensive (although more than we thought) and it would be a good way to take the next step into some fun family vacations. We are in the process of comparing models and cost to determine what the best path would be for our size family. Eventually I would like to get a bigger truck that can pull a regular camper but we figure that can be the next step in a few years. As fun as this can all be we don’t want to spend a lot of money until we do it some more. Of course that is assuming we will even have the money for all of this.

Hey, if nothing else it is fun shopping! 🙂

3. The Edge is almost done! This Sunday the 24th will be the last Edge service for the summer at Carmel so we can transition into the new auditorium. We may play some in the main sanctuary and give the other team a break but I am not sure yet and it will be a little strange since Heath and I have not played in there in about 10 months.

It will be great to get The Edge kicked off in the new building come Aug 24th. New sound system, lighting, stage, a more intimate room. It will be awesome!


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