Bittersweet it is.

Well, yesterday was the last Sunday that we will have The Edge worship service in the ROC gym. It was strange thinking it will be the last time we set up and play in there. It was a great day of worship and Greg’s message was really on the mark (as usual) if you missed it here is a quick rundown on the the service:

1. We started with a pre-recorded video of Heath walking on stage and playing acoustically in the new Auditorium. As he is playing the camera pans out so you can see the stage and the unfinished room, it goes to black then the lights came up in the ROC as we kick into the song.

Songs for yesterday:

  • Glorious One
  • Broadcast
  • How Great is our God
  • Ready Now
  • Promises

We had some people come up at the end and tell us how they will miss the service over the next month or so and they are excited about the new auditorium. It is nice to get those comments just to be encouraged and know that the direction we are going in does meet needs. More importantly I feel it affirms that we are doing something that God has placed on our hearts and given us the gifts to do. That is an awesome feeling.

We are supposed to be playing in the main sanctuary on July 8th which will be a little strange to go back in there after almost a year. I think that may be it though until the Edge starts back up on Aug 24th. It will be very strange to not play for that long!


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