Mr. Mom

Well, I am about midway through a week of being Mr. Mom as Kelly is a youth worker down in Daytona, FL with the H.S. youth group. I am sure she has had no sleep but is probably having a great time anyway. She already told me The David Crowder band was awesome on Monday night.

So far on the home front there have been no issues the kids have been shuffled around with some wonderful family so I can work during the day and night time has been uneventful which is a good thing.

Tonight they are spending the night somewhere so I am trying to figure out what to do as a bachelor, probably clean the house and then reward myself with some Xbox time and play some guitar. I would love to go see Transformers but I am not sure if anyone will go with me and I am not sure I want to be “that guy” that you feel bad for seeing a movie by himself! 🙂 This is actually the perfect opportunity for me to try and do some songwriting, something I have not spent any time on in a while.

It may take a little while for me to get the creative juices flowing again, writing is like anything else where practice is important. The more time you spend the better you get at it and the more creative you get. Also the less you do it the more rusty you get and I better get the WD-40 because I am feeling very rusty right now!

I did have a very encouraging lunch today with a friend who has just been a huge supporter of The Edge and the worship that we are doing in there. I just say thank you God for the opportunity! It is nice to hear people say worship is good on Sunday but this person poured out his heart in a vulnerable way that gave me chills to hear him talk about how he feels the spirit move and how it is obvious we are not up there for a performance but for worship. For me that is awesome to hear because I sometime feel like I can get neurotic balancing my enjoyment of playing with not coming across as trying to be a rock star. I absolutely love doing it and I am so grateful that I get to do it with some great people.


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