The beach, marriage and family…

This Sunday we head out to N. Myrtle and I can’t wait! This is a yearly vacation we do with family and I love it. I love to get away and have time to do nothing or do something, to play with the kids and not feel like I have something else that needs to be done. God does not want us living the rat race, we get so caught up in the day to day stuff we lose site of what is important.

We started a nice little tradition where Kelly and I drive down first on Sunday and have husband – wife time. Not just a date night but husband – wife time, and not mommy – daddy time.

If you have kids, or may in the future, watch how many times you say let mommy and daddy have some time or I am going out with mommy. I have gotten to the point, at least with my 8 and 10 yr old, where I sometimes say we are going out to have husband – wife time. I want the kids to know (especially for when they are older with kids) that if we as parents don’t take care of the huband-wife relationship and put an importance on that, it can take away from the mommy daddy relationships we have with them. They need to know the priority is God then wife then kids, in Mark 10:9 it says: Therefore what God has joined together let baby and kid not separate. Ok, that is my own spin on the verse but I think very relevant.

Anyway, it is great to get that time with each other to relax and renew, then the kids and the rest of the family come down around lunch time on Monday and the rest of the week is devoted to everyone.

I always look forward to this trip and this year is no different so it may be a little quiet on the blog next week but if anything big happens I will post it up here.


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