Geared up!

I am all geared up, this Sunday we are doing our first run through of The Edge in the new auditorium! Some of the guys did a basic sound check while I was on vacation, hate that I missed it but the beach was worth it!

This Sunday we are doing our first true run through though, nobody will be allowed in except the band, a few technical folks, and possibly our wives and kids. Since we do not know what to expect yet I am not sure how worshipful it will be since it is very possible we will need to stop for issues or to talk through things. I am still excited though!

On Sunday the 19th we are allowing the troopers that helped us start The Edge back in October and have stuck with us to be a part of a dry run. We still may run into issue but hopefully nothing major.

On August 26th is the open house, “the grand opening”, and the date that we are advertising for The Edge to resume for whoever did not know about the 19th. There is also some talk about us doing two Edge Services, continue our 9:30 service and add an 11:00 service,  I am hearing a September time frame but nothing is set in stone yet.

Like I said I am geared up and ready to go!


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