Sunday to Sunday

Ok, last Sunday was rough, and it was expected and there was no one to fault in particular. But it was good once we got rolling. The biggest issue was set up initially but we finally got it all rolling and hitting that first distorted chord on my guitar was sweeeeet! This Thursday we will be having practice/sound check again to get ready for Sunday which will be a real run through with some of the regulars we invited from The Edge. They were warned that we may still hit some snags but we are hoping that it will not be to much that it hinders worship for them.

Heath sent out the set list and it will be a good set of songs, so even more excitement is building up.

Also I am told that it is now official, starting September 9th we will be doing two Edge services, continuing the 9:30 and now an 11:00 service! We just need to get the word out to all the people that like to sleep in or attend 9:30 Bible study that there is another option at 11 besides the Traditional Service.

So a lot is going on I will continue to keep you updated.


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