Hey, look at the bunny!

I saw a great shirt at the beach while on vacation it read:

It’s not that I have A.D.D. it’s just that…
Hey, look at the bunny!

Classic! especially if you have A.D.D like me or know someone that does. Aside from me sharing what I thought was a very funny shirt it made me think about my prayer life and time I give to God. Even people without A.D.D. I think get really distracted when it comes to making time for God. We get so distracted with life, why is it so hard? He gave up everything and we find it hard to give him 5, 10, 30 minutes out of our 24 hour day. Check this out…

This is something my buddy Craig at Sermonvideos.com created and it has always been one of my favorites from him. I think we need to realize how little we sacrifice for the One that sacrificed it all, A.D.D can’t be an excuse, we just need to understand the distractions we encounter and learn to overcome them. Maybe it is waking up earlier in the morning, maybe it is sitting in your car before you go into work. Take 5 minutes and think about it, refocus, I know I need to from time to time.

What are your thoughts?


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