A great quote and some ranting.

I just saw this quote and thought it was excellent:

“Not innovating is more dangerous than innovating. The opposite of innovation is not death; it’s mediocrity. In fact, death–or a near-death experience–might be a better outcome than mediocrity because people are forced to rebuild or move on. By contrast, people can cling to mediocrity indefinitely.” – Guy Kawasaki discussing church innovation
with the Willow Creek Association

How much innovation is there at church? How much are we stuck in the traditions and routines of the past and why? Because it has always been done that way? How many people are we reaching with that attitude?

I get sick of hearing “Well, people will not like that or people are not ready for a change like that” Oh, you tried it? No? Well then how do you know? I am not saying let’s let P.O.D. put on a concert for the Senior Citizens but what can we do to reach people we do not already reach? As long as there is an empty seat inside there is someone to reach outside. What can we do to draw them in?

I am not good at witnessing I’ll throw that out there right off the bat but I have learned to take things I am good at to start conversations and let the door open from there and for me that is music and playing guitar. So last April when we did Ignite: A night of worship I was talking to people that I had only been working with for about 3 weeks and inviting them. Some people don’t think doing a night of worship is valid, it is like a concert… um.. yea and your point is? It may look like a concert and if it brings people in that may not normally then it is still a win, a seed can be planted. Oh, and let me just say Ignite was worship.

We need to innovate as a church otherwise we are just ministering and preaching to ourselves. I realize Christianity is a lifelong process of trying to be more Christlike but since when does that mean that we should ignore the Great Commission and just stay in our comfort zone and focus on the ones already saved and in the building? I heard a great (possibly offensive) quote “If everyone is in a huddle then all you see are a bunch of rear ends.” Let’s break out of the huddle and figure out how to be creative to bring more people to the “eternal party” believers will one day be a part of.

I absolutely love that I have the opportunity to play guitar and worship, and I love seeing other people engage in worship. I just don’t want to end up on autopilot and settle, I always want to try something new even if some people do not like it, I don’t care, we can’t please everyone, as long as we are letting God lead us and doing what we feel he calls us to do then we are doing the right thing, even if it is uncomfortable to us.


2 thoughts on “A great quote and some ranting.

  1. Ian Geimer says:

    I want to talk to you about being involved in our Praise Band. If you can do lunch lets do lunch sometime this week.

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