Where do you want me?

Well, as my contract for work runs our at the end of this week, I am still waiting to hear if they will renew it another month, bring me on full time or just let it run out. The work they brought me on to do is not even done but they are trying to get approval for the money to make it happen. So I sit and think where do I go next? It would have been nice if I had more time to figure it out. I know God has something planned for me, and I have gone through this enough to trust that but it is still hard at times. I would love to have some consistency in work for a period of time. As crazy as this sounds I keep saying I almost wish I have been changing jobs because it was something I did wrong, at least I would think I could figure out what I do wrong and change it. But these have just been circumstances out of my control.

Well, pray for me and my direction with the job situation. I know God is in control and I will keep hanging on to that.


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