Where I need to be, YouTube and other ramblings

My contract was renewed until end of September, so that is good. But I am going to take this as a time to look around some and assume I will not be brought on permanently. Hopefully it will work out but after this close call I need to assume it will not and be happy if it does, all while still doing a good job.

I feel like I am swimming in the shallow end still with my quiet time and I just need to dive head first and seek God more than I have been, then maybe I will understand this time in my life better.

On a kind of funny note… We led worship at the Carmel Christian School open house on Saturday, well, someone called the church to ask who booked the band, they were transfered to the person and then said they need the number for our booking agent to book for an upcoming event!? Booking Agent? Did we hit the big time when I blinked? 🙂

Well, they were told that we led worship for the Edge and the caller said she will be coming to the service, I assume Sunday. Just thought that was kind of funny.

Speaking of The Edge we are on YouTube! Now most of the closeups were actually done during sound check so I don’t feel like we always look like we are into it since we may have been working through a song or still messing with sound levels. Still cool to be on YouTube though… I wonder if our booking agent knows yet. 😀

Here it is: (Special thanks to Bryce Hoover for the awesome intro animation and a great job putting this together considering it was a very rough audio mix and limited usable video clips. I look forward to taking our time and doing it right in the near future)


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