Spiritual Warfare

Now, I am not talking about poltergeist or anything but I do believe that when you are doing the right things and trying to follow God the enemy tries to throw up roadblocks and distractions to get you off track and last night was one of those nights. We had band practice for The Edge and coming off of last Sunday where we had about 300 people on the first official day in the new auditorium (it only holds about 350-375) we were pumped. Perfect time for the roadblocks.

In a sentence, band practice last night was horrible, the sound felt off, we felt off, 2 people could not come at the last minute all around horrible, so we stopped, and we prayed. I am not sure what Sunday will now hold for us but pray for us and we will just let it go and leave it in Gods hands. No matter how we feel God will expect our best and He will still be glorified.

Usually when stuff like this happens it opens us up for awesome worship come “game time”. We serve a big God that I never want to underestimate so I will put everything aside from last night and expect huge things this Sunday.


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