Whoa, a little behind

It is Thursday and I have not posted anything, let’s see, The Edge went great last Sunday even with all of the problems we had last Thursday. There were about 300 people which is above our expectations since it was a holiday weekend, but God always sees bigger than we do.

Last night was the youth group’s Ignite night with the band 7-miles, I ran sound for them which was probably my 5th or 6th time and what a great bunch of guys they are. They really have a heart for the students and it shows in how they play, talk and act.

Pray for us in the Edge, as of right now we have no drummer for practice tonight or to play on Sunday, every drummer we know is on vacation, already playing somewhere or in one case moved to NY City! We are still waiting to hear back from a few people so hopefully one of them will come through. Otherwise The Edge will be acoustic this week, not a bad thing since we have a knack for even making that “edgy” the past few times we did it. We got as many good comments those few times if not more than we normally do. By the way thanks to those that read this and support us in The Edge!


One thought on “Whoa, a little behind

  1. What’s up man? Did you do the Edge website? If so, you need to get on the Carmel site. That thing is struggling! They were “supposed” to launch a new site January 2007. But, I guess it’s still in committee world 😉

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