Ok, this has been running through my head….

Why is it so hard to talk to non-believing friends about God?
Why is it so hard to talk to non-believing family about God?
What are we afraid of?
Why do we go crazy and yell for the Panthers (or your favorite team) but barely talk about God?
If we discovered the cure for cancer we would scream from the rooftop, if we had free tickets to a Panthers game we would ask who wants to go with us, but we have the cure for this life, the free ticket to the afterlife and we shy away from talking about it!

It does not make sense, are we afraid we are wrong? Most of us have a story, a story that made us believe, we have seen God’s hand move in our life, we are not perfect but have hope and forgiveness.

If we talk to people about Jesus and we were wrong (which I don’t believe) what will we have lost? Nothing, at least we tried to live a better life but the person we talked to did not gain anything either. If we are right (which I totally believe) we will gain everything and the person that does not believe will have lost everything.

Now I am not saying we should be like the guys on the corner screaming downtown. (They even freak me out a little) But we should watch our attitude, talk about our life and how God has worked in it and remember to do the right thing even when nobody is looking because God is and someone else may be and you don’t even realize it.

Becoming a Christian does not have to mean a boring, lame, life. People need to see that joy in us, church on Sunday morning should be the most exciting, engaging experience someone can have in a week and our attitudes should continue that feeling through the week.


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