Mac fanboy

500-series.jpg  Yes I am! I actually started my career on Apple Macintosh Computers, well unless you count my old Commodore 64. I worked for an Apple reseller in NJ back in around 1993 or 94′, Then when I moved to Charlotte I did sales and repairs. When I started working for the bank in around 96′ everything was “Microsloth”, big heavy slow Microsoft software. Well I caved, partially due to cost for a new computer and the fact that licensing the software I needed was very inexpensive through deals we got at the bank. Forever missing the user experience a Mac gives I have wanted to jump back to the Mac for years and I think it is almost time.


We have been looking at the new iMacs and are about ready to go for it. I was looking at the Macbooks for portability but that 20″ screen on the iMac is sweet, plus the iMac is self contained and really could be taken somewhere if needed.

Kelly will get a discount because she is a teacher and that does help the situation, but it will also make things a lot easier for her to do her college work again going back to usability of the Mac interface.


One of the big things people harp on is that Macs are more expensive but when you consider what they come with out of the box and the great experience they offer in using the computer to me it is not much different and worth whatever difference there is. Besides, you can run Windows on the box also so you are really getting two computers for the price! As soon as my job situation gets locked down, I am going to the Apple Store!


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