Things going on lately…

First, as of Monday I will be an official Bank of America employee… again! No more contracting, full time benefits and vacation, woo hoo! Now for those that know me this will actually be my third time as a BofA employee. So I figure this time either third time is a charm or the definition of stupidity. (Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.) But God has been awesome through it all, providing our needs and directing us through it all.

Tony Morgan had a great post about Starbucks, check it out here.

Did you hear the weather forecast? They are calling for a flood! Ok, it is actually Flood: A Night of worship we are doing on Friday October 5th Click that link to check out the flyer. As a personal plug I created the logo graphic like I did last time around with Ignite. It should be another awesome time of worship without any time constraints like we have on Sunday Morning. And then….

On Sunday October 7th at 6pm, I was asked to play electric guitar at Ridgechurch an off shoot of Andy Stanley’s Northpoint church in Atlanta. That was pretty cool to be asked, to me electric guitar players are a dime a dozen, now not wanting to have an ego, I will say I am hopefully better than average and I thank God for the talent but I still am happily surprised by the invite.


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