What a weekend!

First was Flood: A night of worship, what an awesome night. We had about 160 people and they worshiped wide open. I can’t even describe it beyond that except to say be there next time we do one! We were exhausted at the end of the night and it was awesome

Saturday morning I got up and woke up my 3yr old son at about 6:30am and got in the car for an hour to go see Thomas the Tank Engine and take a 25minute ride on Thomas, I have to admit it was vey cool, much better than I was expecting. It is stuff like that I really appreciate since I did not have a close relationship with my father.

Sunday was great because the worship just flowed over from Friday and made for a great morning and continuation of Friday experience.

Sunday night I helped lead worship at RidgeChurch which is a satellite campus of NorthPoint Church led by Andy Stanley. It was great to be asked and it was a blast to be involved. I was playing with some really great musicians and everything went really well. By time I was done Sunday night I was totally exhausted from playing and worshiping and what a great feeling it was.   There is still a part of me that would love to do it full time. lead worship, write songs just be creative again musically. I know I still can it is just a little harder when you work a “real” job during the day. I am thankful God is using me as He is and maybe in time we will start writing our own songs.


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