Green Guitar

Well, I got a great deal on a new guitar, see that green one above (assuming I kept it there)? It is an Ibanez SZ520 It is actually on order and should be here Monday or Tuesday. It was not the one I was originally planning on, even though I have seen great reviews about it, but I got such a great deal I could not turn it down. And besides the place I got it from has a 30 day return policy so If once it is in my hands it is not all it’s cracked up to be then back it goes. I really need a guitar where I can do alternate tunings, so many bands tune down to get a heavier sound and I can’t easily do that with my other guitar so I need one like this. I will let you know when it comes and if I really like it.

Oh the other thing I was not planning… As many of you know I have a blue Ibanez now and I love the blue so my next guitar was going to be a similar color, well I have to admit I saw the green and it looked really good, so that is the color I ordered.


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