Green Guitar Goodness and Camping!

Well the new green guitar had it’s debut and played great, sounded great and as I was told by a few people looked great. It has a little different feel and attack, in non guitar speak, some things I am used to doing on my blue one will not work the same on this, but that is not a problem just a inherent difference due to different electronics and wood used.

This Thursday we wipe the cobwebs from our once used pop up camper. If you remember my posts in spring and early summer We got hooked on camping and bought a used pop up, we used it once and then it seemed like it was 99 degrees all summer and we had no interest in giving the airconditioner that much of a test so it has sat dormant. But, Thursday is the next Carmel Camp Out and we are excited and ready (at least in our minds) to go. This time it is at the beach South Myrtle Beach to be specific, and growing up at the Jersey shore I always loved the beach in the fall and winter. Heath and I will be leading acoustic worship on Saturday night at the beach, it should be a great long weekend, to get away and relax as a family and with some of our best friends.


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