What’s up lately

It has been a few days since my last post so lets get caught up…

Last night we had to go to “Family Night” for my 3yr old son’s preschool. Basically each class sings a song or two and there were about 12 classes from 3yr old up to 5yr old.

I joked with Conner earlier in the day saying make sure you sing loud. When we got there that night his teacher said he was in the middle of the line up because he was one of the strongest singers in the class. The funny thing is, he is a ball of energy (like most 3ry old boys) but when put on the spot he gets very shy. Last night when he got on stage his face just lit up and he belted it out! I was so proud, he did awesome.

This Wednesday is Ignite for the youth and 7 Miles will be leading worship, I will be running sound for them.

Next week, Heath and I were asked to lead worship for 2 chapel services at Carmel Christian School (where my girls go) on Thursday and on Friday I will be at Vip day at the school to watch a play that they are in.

That is about is for right now more stuff soon!


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