Guitar cake!

cake.jpgLast night at band practice for The Edge someone made a huge thank you card just encouraging us and what we have been doing in The Edge. Along with the card was a blue guitar cake, it was awesome! We got a picture of it before we tore into it and I will post it as soon as I get a copy.

Encouragement is a great thing, we don’t do what we do for the praise of people but we are human and that encouragement is nice to get sometimes. It would be easy to say “Make sure you tell me I was awesome on guitar today!” but I want to worship and help lead people in that worship and honestly one of the best thanks we get is when we hear people singing and see them worshiping. Once in a while I see and hear such a strong response through singing that I stop and look and listen and at that moment I feel like the congregation is leading me in worship, that is awesome.

Now I don’t want to discourage any future guitar cakes or whatever instrument cake someone may feel led to encourage us with 🙂 but know that we do attempt to keep our egos in check, it is not about us and the opportunity for me to play guitar or for any of us to do what we do could be taken away in the blink of an eye so we appreciate it and continue to allow God to use us as he wants for as long as he wants.


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