Mmm, turkey and…

Did you know that Thanksgiving is next week?! Wow, I looked at the calendar this morning and it hit me. I can’t believe it! We are in the holidays and I have barely even thought about shopping, how about you?

I love this time of year, aside from shopping! My wife is wonderful because she bails me out of a lot of shopping, admittedly too much, this year I will try to step up better… we will see how that goes. 🙂

I would love to spend all the time (and stress) we throw at shopping and the time on the 26th in line for returns and trade it for a quiet, peaceful, fun, loving, quality piece of time with good family and close friends.

Am I that far off to think that if we looked at how much we spent in dollars at the holidays, we could just shop for ourselves and it would probably be less expensive and we would be happier getting exactly what we wanted, and get our time back that we waste standing in line.

You know what? We may even have time to remember why we celebrate Christmas and make it important again. After all it is the miracle birth of the savior of the world that gives those that believe in Him everlasting life. But I guess we will be shopping and try to fit Him in between that and the parties. I am glad he treasured us more than we seem to treasure Him otherwise “the cup may have been taken from Him.” and then where would we be?

My prayer this year is to get better at remembering the true reason for this season and not losing it somewhere between the parties and shopping. By the way, I really do enjoy giving gifts and seeing the faces of my family as they open them, that is much more fun than selfishly buying for ourselves, I just don’t want the true meaning to get lost in the process.


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