Thanksgiving… Check.

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and was great, we visited some family down in Jacksonville, FL and it was also a family reunion, about 50 people were there.

It was actually with Kelly’s Mom’s side of the family and they are a great group of people. Aside from the 6 hour drive down and almost 8 coming back due to traffic it was a great getaway.

I have an iMac on order and it should be here this week, I am going back to Mac!

It has been a while since my old PowerPC 6100 but I can’t wait. I got the bottom of the line, 20 inch screen with 2ghz Intel duo processor 1gb ram and 128 mb video memory but I figure I have been doing a lot of graphics and audio with much less of a system so I should be in good shape, besides I remember it always took less requirements for a Mac.

This is always a crazy time as we gear up for Christmas but we are starting to break out the decorations and we got a real tree last night so we are now officially in Christmas time in the Tackel house.

Also the band is playing a lot more this month, we are leading worship for Parent Stuf on Wed 11/28, and IGNITE for the youth on 12/5 and 12/12 so that will be a great time.

Back with more updates soon!


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