Random thoughts and my iMac first impressions

Well the busy busier season is officially here. Tonight we have our first Christmas party to go to but I am looking forward to it. My little goal for this season is to not eat so much food as if I am a bear getting ready to hibernate for 4 months.

Tomorrow night is Ignite! (Not the “Ignite: A night of worship” we had last year, no the name and some graphics were stolen shamelessly by the youth department. 🙂 ) Ignite! is a special Wednesday night worship service for middle and high school students in the ROC at Carmel and we (The Edge Band) will be leading worship this week and next Wednesday Dec. 12th. It should be a lot of fun and a great time of worship and Greg I am sure will bring a great message.

In other news the iMac is set up!   I have not set up the printer yet because I don’t actually have the Mac set up in its final resting place but I wanted to make sure it worked before it sat in a box for too long. I will say I am proud of my self for letting it sit from Wednesday until Saturday night before opening the box for those that know me well know that showed a lot of restraint for the geek in me.
Mac fanboy geek-out session 1:

It is up and running though, I installed Leopard (sweeeet), and iWork and I get a great deal through my company to get Microsoft products at a discount so when Office 08 comes out in the next few months I will pick that up. I am sure iWork will be great for our needs but the deal I get is so good on MS stuff I will definitely pick it up also.

The 20″ screen is nothing short of beautiful in my opinion, now admittedly my 17″ pc monitor is not the best and my 17″ flat panel at work is pretty good but the colors and crispness of the iMac screen is great. I actually spent some time looking through all of the desktop pictures just to appreciate the quality of the screen.

Now speed, I have not had time to do a whole lot yet and I know that there are not a lot of apps installed yet to bog it down but Safari for example came up with websites practically instantly, to the point where I thought if I did not know better I would have thought they knew the websites I went to and cached them so it would do that.

One area I was unexpectedly taken by was the Mighty Mouse, coming from the old days of a one button Mac mouse I have to say I am floored by the Mighty Mouse, it is amazing how well this mouse with no visual buttons has taken what I have assigned to it and given me a typical left click, a right click context menu (like windows) a roller click to show me my dashboard widgets and a squeeze to give me the expose’  screen it is a joy to use and that is not something I thought I would say about a mouse, after all it is just a mouse right? Wrong.

Widgets are very cool, I have not even shown Kelly yet but she will love this one, there is one that will show you what movies are playing where, you don’t even need to open a browser just go to Dashboard and look at your widget, too cool.

Spaces is great, Kelly will be able to work on her college stuff and if I have things open already she can just have her own space so we don’t clutter up the screen with each others apps.

Oh and for all the naysayers… it took me about 5 minutes (if not less) to network it to my Windows PC wirelessly in the other room and access files from shared folders. Mac, it just works!

Ok I will stop there because I could go on for a loooooong time.


One thought on “Random thoughts and my iMac first impressions

  1. hoovdaddy says:

    I believe that on the 8th day, God made Mac! And he said it was GOOD! (ha! – proud to be part of the mac family now)

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