Back to reality and other thoughts

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Now we get back to reality though, getting up for work this morning was rough and with a bunch of deadlines coming up with a project at work it will be full tilt crazy. The time off was great though spending time with family and friends.

A few things I am excited about are, we are officially (this time) adding an 11 am Edge service due to the crowds at 9:30 starting on Sunday the 27th also that Saturday the 26th we will have another night of worship which has been a lot of fun to do in the past.

Let’s see the iMac is in it’s final resting place in our office and the pc is now upstairs, I got a wireless usb for the pc but the router software is not playing nice with my Mac yet I did not spend a whole lot of time with it though and I was tired when I did it so I probably just missed something.

So much going on I will post again soon when I get more thoughts together.


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