My body said “STOP!”

Well this afternoon is a huge deadline for us with a demo to an executive at the bank. Yesterday afternoon my throat started feeling scratchy and within about 2-3 hours it felt like it swelled up and I was swallowing razors. I could not believe how quick it happened. Now I’m a man and all I tool some Advil and plowed along went to band practice last night still feeling ok thanks to the Advil but then could not sleep due to my throat so I figured I will work from home and go see the doc since we are headed into a 3 day weekend.

Well, I am glad I did because I have strep throat,  so now I am on antibiotics and Advil. I am still trying to get work done but I think my body wants a break. It is hard because I don’t want to drop the ball on anything but I am ready for a nap! For now I will keep plugging along.


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