Better living through chemistry

Well, Tuesday morning, a few days of antibiotics and Advil and I am doing much better. Throat is still bothering me a little in the morning until I get my first dose of Advil but then I am good and not contagious due to the antibiotics so here I am back at work.

The demo at work for the executive I was told went excellent so it is nice to know that all the hard work is seeing the light of day now. I am sure this will create more work and deadlines but at least for now I may be back to a normal work week. (Maybe I should not say that yet.)

Although if my work week is calm my weekend will make up for it: Friday night basketball practice, Saturday around 1 basketball game, Saturday afternoon getting ready for Night of Worship which starts at 7pm, usually we do not eat dinner because we are so pumped to play and too busy setting up so we usually go out after which creates a late night. Sunday morning we start 2 services, 9:30 and now 11am then I have a youth leader meeting after that. I think Sunday afternoon will include crashing on my couch!

Don’t get me wrong everything this weekend is stuff I love but it does not mean it will not wear you out.


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