One of the best compliments I have ever received

At the end of a service about two weeks ago a song ended with me doing a guitar solo as people were walking out. When done someone came up to me and said “You were really worshiping God with that guitar.”

That was awesome, it can be hard at time to do this and not have it be about me. It is human nature to want attention and I try my best to stay humble and keep the focus on God but in my own little bubble I don’t always know how well I am doing at that. I have a wife and good friends who I am sure will knock me back down if needed, 🙂 but they are not involved in every conversation I have.

But to have a comment like that from someone I don’t know that well helps me feel that I am on the right path. I can’t rest in that because I know I could lose focus but I guess it just meant a lot to hear that instead of “great guitar playing today” or something along those lines. I love those comments also but this one was encouragement for my “not about me” path I am trying to stay on.

Just a quick little brain dump, hope it made sense.


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