I was blown away

When we planned “Big” we were concerned that we would not get many people to attend since it was on a Saturday this time. We figured people would be concerned about getting kids up on Sunday morning after being out the night before. Well, I have already smacked myself for putting God “in a box” while doing a night of worship called “Big”.

We had over 300 people show up, the most for a night of worship so far!

I need to start expecting God to be God and not put my small minded limitations on a Big God.

With that in mind I was originally hoping for about 75-100 people for our first 11am service ever but decided to let God be God. We were thrilled with our new 11am service.

We had about 145 people! What a great start.

So the lesson this week, always expect something big from God and don’t put him in a box with our tiny perspective on Him.


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