I was listening to a “NewSpring Church” podcast last Friday and Perry Noble was talking about rituals in the church and how so often we do things like saying a blessing before eating or even the Lord’s Supper at time can be more out of habit and ritual, ironically enough Dr. Poplin, our Senior Pastor at Carmel, talked about “Worship Wars” and how people are so reluctant to accept new ways of doing things like worship.

His point was that as long as it is scriptural and God is the focal point it is valid. He mentioned how he would love to have his new grandson one day ask him to go to worship and even though the style of worship may not be his preference it is more about “passing the baton” to a new generation allowing them to worship in a scriptural, God honoring way that works with the culture of the day.

As I have said on this blog before, God does not change but people and culture do and as long as what you are doing is not in conflict with God’s Word and honors and lifts Him up then it is valid.

Time for me to look at myself, what things do I do out of habit more than out of reverence to a Big God?   Probably more than I want but that is my prayer for this week, to be more aware of it and start to change it.


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