Duh, where do I go?

Today is a frustrating day, the bank disabled my Activesync!

For those that don’t know Activesync is what syncs my Outlook calendar, contacts and notes with my smartphone. I would sync here at the office and then sync at home that way I have my calendar at work, home and on my pda phone (Motorola Q) for when I am out.

I assume they think it is a security issue but how about productivity. They allow Blackberries but they need to be the bank version which typically only certain people get. Not to mention I don’t want to look like I have a Batman utility belt carrying my phone and a bank Blackberry on my waist.

I am just frustrated, hopefully I will remember what meetings I have and where they are since I will not have a calendar that is easily updated.

Hmm, am I supposed to be in a meeting now?


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