The love of a child

Last night turned into a crazy night, hang with me and let me set this up a little.

Kelly and Kasey left for a little bit and I was supposed to go help a neighbor with their computer after dinner but first needed to help my daughter study for a test. Before I started studying with her there was a big OSX software update for my Mac that started to download and install. While studying with her I had Conner trying to get our attention and cause some havoc which was aggravating during this time, and my neighbors son coming over to get a print out of his homework since their computer was not working and then it happened… I think my internet connection choked or something and you are not supposed to stop the update on the Mac or else is could be bad. It was bad, the computer just hung, and then would not reboot.

So I got Conner upstairs screaming for something, Kara not doing well when I quizzed her and not wanting to study anymore I am trying to reboot the Mac still in between quizzing Kara and dealing with Conner, and the neighbors son coming back for me to print out another page in the midst of craziness, not his fault just bad timing. I am about to blow I was so frustrated…

Well I go upstairs to check on Conner and see what he is yelling about, I kneel down to his level to get him to stop yelling and all of a sudden in the middle of the mass hysteria he gives me the biggest hug I have gotten from him and he did not let go for about a minute. Wow, that messed me up. in a matter of seconds I could feel the blood pressure going back to a normal range and my anger and frustration subsiding. It changed my attitude, getting that love back from Conner was awesome, it felt great in the midst of craziness.

It really has made me think that God is always wanting that from us and maybe if we do that more it will limit the hysteria in our lives. God always loves us, how often do we love Him back? Children sense what is going on more than we give them credit for and I believe God worked through Conner to bring me back to my senses and remove the frustration so I could be the father they needed at that moment. What are your priorities and what pushes your buttons and “gets your shorts in a twist”? Distractions like that can be one of our biggest downfalls in our relationship with God.

On a side note I had to restore the operating system on my Mac and it works fine now, I am going to download the update and do the install locally to avoid the issues I had last night.


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