Valentine’s Day

Well, when my girls came downstairs after getting ready for school this morning they were happy. On the table waiting for them was breakfast that I cooked for them, a red sprinkled donut, strawberry milk but I remembered that Kasey does not like Strawberry milk so she got regular milk with some red food coloring and 3 roses each. I want my girls to feel special and I think it is important that they look back on stuff like this and have good memories and most important…

I want them to be treated right.

I feel that the better I treat them now the more they will expect to be treated that way by a man in their future. I think it is my job to show them that they are my daughters but more importantly they are God’s children and should never settle. God already has the perfect man set aside for them and I don’t want them to ever feel like they need to settle just to be with someone. I also take them on dates from time to time, I want to keep communication open between us and make sure they know they are valued. Also, I want Conner to see how I treat them because I will expect him to treat a girl like the child of God she is when he gets to a dating age. Admittedly I mess up sometimes, but hopefully I am always getting better so that our relationships continue to grow.

I also want them to see how I treat their mother, again, just another way of showing them what they should expect, and yes they saw what I got their mother this morning. It is worth a lot to me to see their faces light up because of what I got Kelly, it makes me feel like they are getting it. This way by the time I allow them to date (at about 35) they will have very high standards. 🙂


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