Needs or wants…

I am out of space on my iPod. I only have the 4gb model but I did think it would last longer than this, it has only been about a year and and a half and I have already been unchecking songs that I don’t want on there so I can fit the things I do want.

I bought Kelly an 8gb model last year that I should just switch with since she does not have as many songs or podcasts. ( 🙂 j/k my beautiful wife. )

I would love an iPod Touch but can’t see spending the money on the coolness factor so probably an iPod Classic would be my future choice 80gb for $250… Whew, that is still a lot

Hmm, ok, my Honda CR-V is old, 1997, starting to leak oil, and does not really fit my family of 5 comfortably anymore. (of course we have a minivan so it’s not that much of an issue). Since we have a camper I wanted a truck, v8, 4 wheel drive, not too big since I work in an office and don’t need a big truck most of the time but something that can pull our camper with no issue and enable us to upgrade our camper to a bigger one eventually and still be able to pull it. I really like the Honda Ridgeline but was told by some friends I may need to turn in my “Man-card” if I bought that truck and it may not pull a bigger camper since it is only a v6.

Ok, scratch that, some friends are getting a bigger house with a basement, I would love a basement. I have always wanted my own recording studio someday in a basement, that would be very cool, separate control room and isolation room, run by Apple computers. Ok, stop.

At some point these are all real thoughts and/or conversations I have had, funny how February a year ago I was going through my 4th job layoff. It is amazing how our circumstances can change our thoughts and attitudes.

Not that these thoughts are bad in and of themselves but where are our priorities, where is God. I just continue to pray that my thoughts and decisions are based on honoring God and being a good steward of what He has given me and my family. I am already blessed with way more than I deserve and if at some point one, or some of those things I mentioned above does come into my possession then thank God and I hope it’s not because I was selfish and put my needs wants over so many other things in life.


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