Food hangover random thoughts

Well, to thank us for all of the work we did and are still doing for this project at work our team was taken out to dinner last night. I ate well, very well.

I am not sure if it is a part of getting older or what but I woke up this morning and still feel full, bloated, blah. I need to get back on track with my workouts because for the past few weeks various things have come up to limit my workouts and I am feeling it, especially when I have a big meal like I did last night.

Ever have a food hangover?

My issue, and maybe it is the Italian in me, is I love food and have some issues with self control if I really like what is in front of me. I am sure I am not the only one but wow, and unfortunately it is not usually healthy food. Too much of anything is bad and I really need to get back on the ball.

So I am looking at challenging my self for 2 weeks to see what I can lose, I always think I can drop 5-10 pounds easily if I cut a few things and step up my workouts, so now I will try. I don’t like the word diet because I think you can eat what you want within reason as long as the portion size is low and you balance it with healthy things. It is all about decisions we make every day, and following through with those decisions.


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